Special edition
"The Kryniczanka" (1/2)
"Operations of railway line #96,
Authors: Leszek Zakrzewski, Ryszard Stankiewicz

".From Grybow as far as the next station in Ptaszkowa the railway line rises markedly. Here a second locomotive is also attached to the train. The route, through numerous curves and sudden drops, rolls through wonderful, romantic landscapes, surrounded by the peaks of the mountains known as "Psie Gorki" (505m). It's not necessary to search out surroundings in Switzerland or on the way from Vienna to Simmering,

because our eye nonetheless encounters charming, wonderful, romantic views in this small space, as it unfolds between Grybow and Kamionka. Here a man forgets the heat, the oppressive heat, which so bothered him not long ago, forgets the uncomfortable carriages of this railway, and only admires the beauty of the surroundings and the bold construction of the railway.."

Bronisław Gustawicz (1852-1916)

This third part of a historical series describes the founding and development of the Tarnow-Leluchow Austrian State Railway (CK), established on 18.08.1876 on the 46th birthday of His Majesty, Emperor Franz Josef. As well as describing the workings and the traction used from the moment of opening until modern times, the publication presents the line from Tarnow to Leluchow in a detailed, kilometer-by-kilometer fashion. The volume is richly illustrated, and in addition to many maps, station plans, timetables and tickets, includes over 400 photographs.


Operations of line nr. 96 Tarnow-Leluchow
  • Engineering
  • Construction of the line 1873-76
  • First period of operation
  • Between the construction of the Transversal Railway and World War I
  • World War I 1914-18
  • The interwar period 1918-39
  • War and occupation 1939-45
  • Postwar reconstruction
  • Stations and stop of the Tarnow-Leluchow line (list)
  • Development of the line
  • Electrification
  • From the life of the line

Traction and trains on line 96
  • EUGE Railway 1876-84
  • The kkStB period 1884-1918
  • The interwar period 1918-39
  • World War II, Ostbahn 1939-45
  • The postward PKP period after 1945
  • Limited stop (fast) trains (including list)
  • Tickets and timetables

The Tarnow-Leluchow line
  • Tarnow-Stroze section
  • Stroze-Nowy Sacz section
  • Nowy Sacz-Muszyna section
  • Muszyna-Leluchow section

Diagrams of stations and stops
Technical parameters
Statute of 29 June 1872


Special edition H-3(3):
"Kryniczanka" 1 / 2
"Operations of railway line #96, Tarnow-Leluchow"
in Polish, 210x280mm format, 172 pages (124 black and white pages, 48 color pages),
402 photographs, 24 timetables, 37 tickets, 19 maps and 33 station diagrams