Special album:
"Pożegnanie z parowozem,
czyli dzieje spisane linii kolejowych
Namysłów - Kepno i Bukowa Śląska - Syców"

("Farewell to the steam engine-or, a written history
of the Namysłów - Kępno and Bukowa Śląska - Syców railway lines")
Author: Robert Ślęzok
  .Once I visited a friend in Rychtal, a small town not far from Kępno. I noticed an interesting structure towering over the whole area.

Located on the grounds of the old railway station, it was a silent witness to history. The history of the Namysłów - Bukowa Śląska - Kepno railway line and the branch from Bukowa Śląska to Syców, which lasted 80 and 50 years respectively, made a lasting impression on the countryside and on the daily lives of the residents of significant portions of the Kępno, Namysłów and Oleśnica townships.

     Today, when the tracks have long been overgrown by nature, and the station buildings have been converted by new "non-railway" owners, it is left only to us to remember the times of their spleandor.
     The second album of this historical series chronicles the establishment and development of the railway linking Opole Silesia and southern Wielkopolska. In it is described railway line nr 307 Namysłów - Kępno as well as nr 317 Bukowa Śląska - Syców. Both were typical local lines served almost to the end of their days solely by steam traction.
Table of contents:
  • Part 1: to 1920
  • Part 2: to 1945
  • Part 3: in the Polish People's Republic, nothing better, nothing faster
  • Part 4: the beginning of the end
  • Photo gallery:
        - Line nr 307 Namysłów - Kępno
        - Line nr 317 Bukowa Śląska - Syców
  • Chronicle of accidents and events
  • Station regulations of Studnicko in 1948
  • Operating rules for railway crossing
  • Maps of stations and stops:

    - Line nr 307 Namysłów - Kępno: Namslau (Namysłów) 1931, Namysłów 1988, Giesdorf (Kamienna Namysłowska )1911, Kamienna Namysłowska 1951, Buchelsdorf (Bukowa Śląska) 1910, Bukowa Śląska 1978, Reichthal (Rychtal) 1910, Studnicko (Rychtal) 1947, Rychtal 1985, Butschkau (Buczek) 1910, Buczek 1985, Strenze (Trzcinica Wielkopolska) 1910, Trzcinica Wielkopolska 1985, Laski (Laski Smardze) 1910, Laski Smardze 1985, Moorschütz (Mroczeń) 1910, Mroczeń 1985, Kempen West (Kępno Zachodnie) 1910, Kępno Zachodnie 1950, Kępno 1960
     - Line nr 317 Bukowa Śląska - Sycow: Głuszyna 1980, Smogorzów 1981, Pawłowice Namysłowskie 1952, Gołębice 1951, Radzowice 1948, Dziadowa Kłoda 1951, Syców 1953.  

  • Technical parameters of the lines
  • Traffic diagram from 1978
  • Workers at Rychtal station after 1945
  • Timeline

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