Special notebook:
„Koleje na Ziemi Głubczyckiej”
(Railways in the Glubczycki Region)
Author: Robert Ślęzok

In the Glubczycki region - a historical part of Silesia, near the borders of today’s Glubczycki district and part of the Kozielski district - a railway already existed at the beginning of the second half of the 19th century. The two most important towns - Głubczyce (Leobschutz) and Baborów (Bauerwitz) - were connected with the Upper Silesian railway network from the direction of Raciborz. The 150th anniversary of the establishment of passenger service on the Raciborz - Glubczyce section, which fell in 2005 - as well as the ignominious 50th anniversary of the closure of passenger

service on that same segment - contributed to the creation of a monograph on the history of railways in the historical Glubczycki Region. Today’s appearance of the Glubczyce station presents us with the darkest vision of the future of Polish railways. There’s no other choice than to return to older, better times, when steam locomotives passed with a whistle and crowds of passengers swarmed on the platforms.

Table of Contents:

  • 1855-1945 Prosperous times
  • 1946-1990 Times of relative normality
  • 1990-2000 A turbulent decade
  • 2000 What next?
  • Gallery
    - Raciborz-Raclawice Slaskie line in scheduled passenger service
    - Kedzierzyn Kozle-Barborow line in scheduled passenger service and with Ty42-107
    - Baborow-Pilszcz line with Ty42-107 and SN81-002
    - Recent state of the segment Tlustomosty-Baborow-Blubczyce-Raclawice Slaskie
    - Recent state of the line Kedzierzyn Kozle-Baborow-Pilszcz
    - The remaining lines Glubczyce-Pietrowice Glubczyckie-border
  • Scout picnic „Scitor 2005”
  • Timeline
  • 23 station diagrams: Tłustomosty 1975, Baborów 1960, Bernacice 1939, Głubczyce 1933, Głubczyce 1960, Zapowy Równe 1949, Mokre Głubczyckie 1959, Pietrowice Głubczyckie 1971, Głubczyce Las 1946, Żabczyce 1946, Ściborzyce Małe 1946, Reńska Wieś 1975, Długomiłowice 1980, Zakrzów Opolski (Sukowice) 1936, Jaborowice 1971, Polska Cerekiew 1990, Grzędzin Kozielski 1931, Pawłowiczki 1924, Maciowakrze 1909, Czerwonków 1990, Nowa Cerekwia 1953, Nasiedle 1924, Ludmierzyce 1935, Pilszcz 1975

  • Profiles of the lines
  • Traffic graph from 1990
  • Parameters of the lines
  • List of stationmasters from Baborow and Glubczyce

„Koleje na Ziemi Głubczyckiej”
(Railways in the Glubczycki Region)
In Polish, 210x280 mm format, 78 pages (black and white), historical description, 215 illustrations (photos, timetables), 2 maps, 23 station diagrams
Price: 24 zl
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