Koleje Małe i Duże H-4(4)

Special edition: Kryniczanka 2/2
“The history of railway line # 105: Muszyna – Krynica”
“The Nowy Sącz steam locomotive depot”
Author: Leszek Zakrzewski

The fourth part of our historical series is the second about the “Kryniczanka” line, deals with the construction and subsequent development of the Muszyna – Krynica branch line, which was opened for traffic in May 29th 1911. There is an account of the line’s history as well as an inventory of the rolling stock used right from the very beginning to the more modern times. Particularly interesting is a detailed description of a journey along the Muszyna – Krynica line milepost by milepost.

When the story of the “Kryniczanka” is told, one should not forget to mention the Nowy Sącz steam locomotive depot which was closely linked with the Tarnów – Leluchów and Muszyna – Krynica lines, providing motive power for both of these lines from their very beginning. The softbound book gives the background to the beginnings of the shed as well as its enlargement, and continues the story to modern times. Details of the locomotives that were allocated there throughout the years is included.

The book is richly illustrated. Apart from maps, station and depot diagrams, timetables and tickets, it includes more than 200 historical pictures.

The history of railway line #105 Muszyna – Krynica
  • The history of line # 105 Muszyna – Krynica
    • Krynica – the pearl of Polish waters
    • Krynica getting closer to the world (1876)
    • Preparations for the new rail link
    • Construction starts (1909)
    • Opening of the line (1911)
    • World War I
    • An independent Poland
    • World War II
    • Reintroduction of services
    • Electrification (1987)
    • Chronicle of events on the line
    • Recent years
  • Timetables, Tickets
  • Presentation of the Muszyna – Krynica lines
  • Track diagrams of stations and halts
  • Technical parameters

The Nowy Sącz steam locomotive depot
  • Early days: 1884-1918 82
    kkStB Heizhaus Neu-Sandec
  • In independent Poland 1918-1939
    Parowozownia I klasy, Parowozownia Główna I klasy
  • Generaldirektion der Ostbahn, OBD Krakau 1939-1945
    Bahnbetriebswerke Neu Sandez (Bw)
  • PKP 1945-1975
    Parowozownia Główna (MD), Parowozownia Główna I klasy,
    Parowozownia I klasy, Lokomotywownia I klasy
  • PKP 1975-1997
    Lokomotywownia Pozaklasowa (MD)
  • PKP 1997-2001
    Zakład Taboru (MT) w Nowym Sączu, Zakład Taboru (CM) w Nowym Sączu
  • KP CARGO S.A. 2001-2009
    Zakład Taboru (CM) w Nowym Sączu
  • KP CARGO S.A. 2009-2010
    Południowy Zakład Spółki (CT)
  • Current situation
    • An ordinary day
    • Flood 2010

Special notebook H-4(4):   ISBN 978-83-912575-7-9
"Kryniczanka" 2/2
"The history of railway line # 105: Muszyna - Krynica"

in Polish, 210 x 280mm format, 120 pages (24 black and white + 96 color), 231 photographs, 11 timetables, 15 tickets, 6 maps, 13 station and locomotive depot diagrams.
Preise: 39 zł,   Price in Europa including postage: 59 zł