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  The Traction Section in Olsztyn is currently the only one in PKP Cargo, S.A. using solely diesel locomotives. Currently on the section's roster one will find diesel locomotives of the SM30, SM42, SU42, ST43, ST44, SU45, SU46 and SM48 series. Under the structure of the section there are 3 locomotive depots: Olsztyn, Malbork, and Ilawa.

The largest of them is the depot in Olsztyn, which handles passenger trains on the segments: Olsztyn - Korsze - Elk, Olsztyn - Mikolajki - Elk, Olsztyn - Szczytno and Olsztyn - Braniewo. In freight service, besides providing SM42 power for local freights, Olsztyn's ST43s, SU45s and SU46s are used to lead freight trains on the Olsztyn - Korsze - Elk line as well as to the border crossing at Skandawa/Zeleznodaroznyj.

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- The line from Chryplin to Woronienka

The line from Chryplin to Woronienka to the Hungarian border was built in 1895 by the C.K. Austro-Hungarian State Railway, kkStB. The line was assigned to the Lvov region (ED Lemberg) of the kkStB railway, and from 1906 was merged into the newly-created Stanislaw Region (ED Stanislau). After the First World War in 1919 the line passed to the Stanislaw Region of the PKP. After the Second World War, the Soviets included the line in the Lvov Railways, and in 1992 the line became part of the newly-created Ukrainian Railways. The line from Chryplin to Woronienka is single-track and has the character of a mountain line, with steep grades and tight-radius curves. It runs through beautiful mountain past numerous and magnificent stone bridges and viaducts. It was recognized before the war in Poland as more picturesque than the famous "Zakopiank" (Chabowka - Zakopane).

- PKP series Tr12 freight locomotives

The class 270 steam locomotive (PKP class Tr12) came into existence as an as a superheated steam variant of the 170 class (Tr11). Factories in the Austro-Hungarian empire began their production in 1917, and continued until 1925. In the inter-war period, Poland purchased 84 such locomotives from Austria, and the newly-established Warsaw Steam Locomotive Construction Company built 58 further examples. Together, 142 class Tr12 locomotives saw use. After the Second World War, 39 Tr12 locomotives saw use on PKP. They were employed in the Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk regions. The Tr12 class was retired from service by 1969. In preservation, working Tr12-25 is stationed at the railway museum in Chabowka.

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For several years our layout has been under development. The layout is to have that flavour, that "omething", that we chase after in our memories. I remember the station platform in Szczecin, smoked up by a steam engine, old, dark-green wagons with green curtains, strange houses with characteristic roofs by the tracks. Always while traveling, telegraph poles with enormous numbers of wires kept one company. I remember the smell of burnt coal mixing with the fragrance of the passing forest, that smoke, and the report of the locomotive. I remember the noisy "Gagarins" at Brodnica, noisy and sleep-disturbing through the night, and Malbork at daybreak. Then the morning-dew-covered bridge over the Vistula, with all its horrific history. All this is to make its way onto our layout.

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