- Feuilleton – The Ol49 from Łuków
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- Assignment rosters – Kołobrzeg depot
  The use of diesel traction in the Kolobrzeg depot began in April 1962 with the appearance of the first SM41-series locomotive and continues until today. In the space of a few dozen years, units of the SM31, SM42, SP42, SP45 and SN61-series were also stationed at Kolobrzeg. These locomotives served local

passenger and freight trains as well as did shunting in the Kolobrzeg terminal. This article presents the utilization of locomotives in April 2005, that is, at the end of the operation of the Kolobrzeg depot under the structure of PKP Cargo, S.A. Following the purchase of German VT624-class DMU’s and their entry into service in Poland, these units in April 2005 completely took over local passenger train operations, eliminating typical train consists made up of locomotives and carriages.

- Traces of old railway – catastrophe in Gdynia
- „Railway Expeditions” series – Summer trains
- Summer - Fall 2006 excursions
- 150 years of railways in Rybnik
- SU45 and SU46 locomotives in Kamieniec Zabkowiecki – supplement
- The eternally youthful EP05 – service

Class EU/EP05 locomotives just reached 45 years of service, and the still-running examples of the class, EP05-16 and EP05-23 remain in continual regular service. Even though at the end of 2005 it seemed that the locomotives would disappear from the rails for good, it was possible to send them for yet another overhaul, extending their lives. Recalling this worthy PKP series, in the last issue of KMiD 1/2006 (22) we presented the origin and technical description of these locomotives. Continuing the story, in this issue we present the work of these locomotives - the routes and trains served over the past 45 years. Except for a very short assignment stint in Gliwice, the EP05 locomotives were always associated with the Warsaw depot, from which they left and returned with trains, primarily to and from Katowice, Krakow and Poznan, even reaching Prague in the Czech Republic.

- The Moroccan Contract

The first international contract of the new-formed FABLOK locomotive factory in Chrzanow was signed in 1930 for the delivery of 12 heavy locomotives of the 2-8-2 (Mikado) type for the Moroccan Railways Company. From the contract FABLOK acquitted itself admirably, delivering very well functioning steam locomotives within the appointed contract deadline. In the spring of 1932 the completed locomotives were dispatched to Gdynia, and then sent by sea to Algeria, and from there made their way to Morocco. After successful testing they entered regular service on the Moroccan Railways, where they were used until the end of the 70’s. The contract wasn’t profitable for FABLOK, but it opened foreign markets for sales and captured attention through the high level of quality and technology of the young Polish locomotive industry.

- Narrow-gauge comeback – The Smigiel Narrow Gauge Railway
- Nuremburg - model railway news 2006
- Modular layout in TT scale
- New PKP models from „Jan-Kol”
- PKP Gmy-series postal wagons

Through the initiative of the „Parowozik” store in Warsaw, the Spanish firm Electrotren has produced models of Polish rolling stock – 3-axle Gmy-series postal wagons (of the German type Post 3-b/12.5). These models were prepared in 2 versions – with a choice of home stations of Krakow or Bydgoszcz. The prototypes for the models were actual wagons, which after 1945 were taken over by Polish Post. Both models have PKP and Polish Post markings typical for the 1959-68 era (epoch III). Also, the PKP numbers, postal division assignments, and dates and locations of overhauls were based on preserved documentation.

- Klubforum und Kleinanzeigen
- Modeling events – 2006 Workshops
- Ustron Polana signal box – carton model
- „Do-it-yourself” – OKz32 carton model

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