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- Assignment rosters — Suwałki depot
- Assignment rosters — Rybnik depot
  Rybnik depot functions as a Motive Power Service and Maintenance Section under the control of the Czechowice Dziedzice Equipment Department and services exclusively freight traffic. This depot is one of three is Silesia (the others are Łazy and Tarnowskie Góry), which actively use locomotives of the ST44 series.

The Rybnik „Gagarins” can be found switching the „Rydultowy” mine as well as on the line from Nedza to Pszow („Anna” mine). They are sporadically used for other duties, including freight workings in the Rybnik area. On the depot’s roster are also diesel locomotives in the SM31, SM42 and SP42 series, as well as numerous ET22-series electrics. Among the photographs of Rybnik machines we’ve inserted a poster of ST44-1056 on the grounds of the „Rydultowy” mine.

- Spring – Summer 2003 excursions:
   • Naleczow repeat
   • European Days on the Piotrkowski Narrow Gauge Railway
   • To Nowy Sacz by Ty2

- Mazury 2003

Without doubt the greatest railway event of 2003 was organized by the Pomorskie Towarzystwo Miłośnikow Kolei Żelaznych of Gdynia. From 9÷14 May 2003, SN61-183 from Szczecin (known as a „Ganz” or „Clayton”) traversed numerous, primarily closed, lines in the Mazury region. SN61-183 started its journey in Ostróda and next visited the stations of Miłomłyn, Ostróda, Olsztyn, Szczytno, Ełk, Olecko, Gołdap, Ełk, Kętrzyn, Węgorzewo, Kętrzyn, Korsze, Kętrzyn, Sątopy Samulewo, Czerwonka, Lidzbark Warmiński, Sągnity, Czerwonka, Biskupiec Reszelski, Szczytno, Wielbark, Nidzica, Działdowo, and Iława. The extensive wanderings of the „Ganz” were accompanied by our enduring traveler, Lukasz Alczewski, who, in a long report, considers not only the advantages of the trip, but also the dates the lines opened and when service on them ceased.

- Kolobrzeg by steam
- Steam show 2003
- Farewell to Wroclaw night trams
- Narrow-gauge comeback — Part 2: the Kaliska Narrow Gauge Railway

- The ABC’s of controlling a model railway

One of the basic features, which is like a magnetic draw to model railways, is their use of electric propulsion and the resulting possibility of cheerfully, remotely and comfortably operating them. The simple fun offered by train sets consisting of a locomotive and wagons, an oval of track, and a power pack quickly becomes boring, and wanting to diversify, we reach for the abundant offerings of the model industry. Here, however, we must constantly make choices from amongst various standards, power systems, scales, keeping in mind the need for space „to play” and above all monetary resources. In this article our colleague Roman Kozak attempts to help us with these choices, presenting the particular features of power systems and model railway scales offered, showing also how one can have fun with a miniature railway.

- Modeling curiosities

- The 2003 Nuremburg Toy Fair - model railway news

At the beginning of February each year, the German city of Nuremburg for several days turns into the world capital of railway modelling. During the course of the International Toy Fair, hundreds of firms (primarily German), specializing in producing everything which might enhance the lives of millions of fans of these smallest of railways running in the solitude of the home or in adjoining gardens, exhibit their wares in gigantic separate pavilions. On pages 62÷98 we report from the great toy fair, looking at the new railway models and accessories.

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