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- The Alphabet of Railway Films
  From the beginning of cinematography, railways have been one of the most common motifs present in film (the first publicly-presented motion picture carried the title "Arrival of a train in the station"!), and, in addition to being the main setting,

were more often a background to the main action taking place. It was no different in Polish film. Many feature and documentary films have captured episodes from the history of Polish railways for eternity. Each-even fictional-feature film shot decades ago and showing the trains of the time today has tremendous documentary value, while purely documentary films about our railways from the 60's and 70's are a pure spiritual feast for railway enthusiasts. It's only a shame that these documentary films aren't available to everybody. A little better is the situation with features: from time to time, our television brings back one of them. Accordingly, we give our readers a short guide to Polish feature and documentary films in which one may find interesting railway scenes.

- SN61 motor cars - the last Grudziàdz "Claytons"

We are already finishing our brief series about the popular SN61 railcars. In the last part we invite you along on a visit to the locomotive depot in Grudziadz, one of the last outposts of these machines. After all the Grudziàdz shed was from the very beginning one of their greatest strongholds; one might even assert that the SN61 was the railway symbol of Grudziàdz. In this issue's article we present the last "Clayton's" stationed there, their workings and slow replacement by "modern" motive power. In addition, we present the next group of photographs and reproductions of timetables. We hope that these four articles in KMiD at least in part satisified the appetite of our readers concerning this unusually popular series of rolling stock of our railway.

- Narrow-gauge railways slip away... Part 1 - The Krosniewice Narrow-Gauge Railway

We bring you the first part of a new series of articles presenting the last Polish narrow-gauge railways in PKP service. The author of the series visited all of them in the very last days before the "suspension" of services and without delay wrote down his impressions. These aren't going to be historical or technical
articles. You won't find statistics, duty assignments or lists of closed routes. The author's intention was capturing and committing to paper the unique, unrepeatable climate of our narrow-gauge railways which, with their closing, is receding into the annals of history. If local governments or private owners take over even a portion of these railways, they won't be able to recreate this atmosphere from the PKP era. It's a pity...

- The 2002 Nuremburg Toy Fair - model railway news

At the beginning of February each year, the German city of  Nuremburg for several days turns into the world capital of railway  modelling. During the cours of the International Toy Fair, hundreds of firms (primarily German), specializing in producing everything which might enhance the lives of millions of fans of these smallest of railways running in the solitude of the home or in adjoining gardens, exhibit their wares in gigantic separate pavilions. Outside of Poland, railway modelling is an uncommonly popular area of interest, and in Germany plainly the "national hobby". Fanatics from our country could be led to a nervous breakdown by the number of firms, model shops, exhibitions and fairs beyond our southern and western borders. The offerings of these companies can also cause dizziness of the head. We present a portion of this year's products in our magazine.

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