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Travel by passenger train in any part of Poland today and one will ride in one of the limited types of coaches recently in widespread use, and the train will be hauled by a one of the few classes of locomotives now used in quantity. In the past, travelling seemed really different. Coach and locomotive classes numbered in the tens and hundreds. Trains sets were different too, depending on the area of the country.  

In a short but necessary article we remember train sets used on some local and fast trains in the sixties.
- Bridge-type signal boxes in Upper Silesia
- From the series: The last steam enclaves in Poland - Upper Silesian Industry

In the mines and steel works of Upper Silesia, the steam locomotive worked longer than its brothers and sisters on the PKP. The last of them were still working in the first half of the 90's. We remind our readers of the last Upper Silesian factories where working steam locomotives of the classes "Śląsk" ("Upper Silesia"), "Ferrum" ("Iron"), Ty45, "BAZIEL" and narrow gauge locomotives such as the Tw47, Tw53 and "Hutnik" ("Iron Works") could be found. This article, especially the photographs, can be interesting for another reason: most of factories shown have either shut or are currently in financial distress. Some of them have been shut and torn down completely. We remember how the Upper Silesian industrial landscape looked in the times when it was intensively working. 

- Steam locomotives of the Ty23 class

The Ty23 class heavy goods locomotives were the largest series of steam locomotives produced in Poland (over 600 examples). This class of locomotives was in use for over 50 years. The last were working in the Upper Silesian mines till the early 80's. We present the first part of a monograph about these steam locomotives with unique set of photographs from the 20's and 30's. 

- The last ST 44 class locomotives in the Upper Silesian area
- Narrow gauge steam locomotives the class Bn2t - "BAZIEL"
- Five-axle Upper Silesian narrow gauge tank locomotives of the Eh2t type

For decades, narrow gauge tank locomotives of the Tw9, Tw29, Tw47 and Tw53 classes were a strong and characteristic part of the landscape of the Upper Silesian narrow gauge network. We present their story and that of previous locomotives with full particulars about their construction, illustrated by figures and factory lists. We publish a number of mostly previously-unknown photographs.

- Our modelers' workshop: Imitating dents in the sides of steel gondolas
- German modeler - Polish railway
- Garden railway

We present the unique narrow gauge garden railway made beautifully, and in accordance with the prototype, by the well-known specialist of "tight tracks" (narrow gauge), Michal Zajfert. This garden railway is unique and a phenomenon in the Polish modelers' world, and has been shown in other magazines. But only here will you find such a detailed description and many colour photographs of the line's most interesting parts and models of rolling stock. 

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