- Polish news
- The actual state of the Polish railways
- Wolsztyn - Sulechow - Gigacice Port behind Ok1-359
   (Ex Prussian P8)
- Steam specials in Sudety 2001
- If Polish railroad museums were really the best ...?

Poland's modest railway museums are not in the best condition. They represent excess baggage to railway management. In the articles on pages 13÷21 we present examples of railway museums in our neighboring country, Germany. We show that they can be a great tourist attraction and a source of profit.  

We also present an analogy of the number of railway museums and operating historical rolling stock in Germany compared to that in Poland.
- News from outer space!
- Steam specials in Pfalz
- Ostbahn - technical description Polish part of the line

In the previous issue, we featured a history of the "Ostbahn", the famous pre-war German line linking Berlin with the east. Due to a lack of space, we couldn't print all the material we had on hand. In this issue, we present this material as a supplement to the main article.
We will assess the current physical condition of the line and bring you a schedule diagram of rail traffic. You will also find a table of equipment used at the end of 19th Century. Finally, we will look back to the fantastic special steam trains which ran on the "Ostbahn" from 1994÷6. We also remember the jamboree of locomotives held on the Bydgoszcz-Wyrzysk narrow gauge system as a follow-up to the recent article about this network. All these events were so popularly received that we consider them the rail enthusiast's "event of the century".

- Steam specials on the Ostbahn 1994÷6
- Railway meeting in Bydgoszcz, 1992
- Driver's memories of the Gagarin (ST44)
- ST44 diesel freight locomotive, Original and model, Part 3 - Final

The final part of our series on rebuilding the factory model BR120 to the Polish "Gagarin" ST44. We cover the full history of the engines by our friend, Ryszard Rusak, and give further information provided by our readers and drivers from PKP. This will not be the final article on this cult engine!

- The Genesis of the ST44 (M62)
- News from the Nuremburg toy fair 2001

On pages 52÷66 we report from the great toy fair, looking at the new railway models and accessories.