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- The streamlined Pm36, it' still a secret!
The streamlined Pm36, it's still a secret! This article is about the famous Pm36 class, which was one of the most modern examples of Polish locomotive construction before the War, when the engine became a virtual legend. In the series "My Memories", well-known railway historian Tadeusz Suchorolski, who is a mine of facts about these engines, shares their history.

- Ostbahn" - The most beautiful line in Poland

The most beautiful line in Poland is the "Ostbahn", once part of the German eastern railway network, located in the North of today's Poland. The name Ostbahn was given only to the main line from Berlin to Kaliningrad via Piła, Tczew, and Malbork. After the Second World War, most of this line ended up inside Poland. Today only two parts of the line - Kostrzyń to Piła and Tczew to Malbork - remain as main lines. The rest have been downgraded to secondary status. The former Ostbahn line from Kostrzyń to Krzyż has become one of the most popular lines for railway enthusiasts because the line has not been electrified and remains much as it did many years ago. Through the end of the 1980's it was possible to still see steam and SN61 railcars working here. This region was also one of the last places where the ST44-class "Gagarin" diesels were in regular service.

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- Bydgoszcz - Wyrzysk narrow gauge line
- Rolling stock of the Bydgoszcz-Wyrzysk line

Located near the Ostbahn line is the Nakło system of 600mm lines, which was the biggest system of its kind in Poland. The names Białośliwie, Łobżenica, Nakło and Koronowo, are all well-known by narrow gauge enthusiasts. For many years now service on the railway has been suspended and a lot of the track has been removed. Today, only the section from Białośliwie to Łobżenica is still intact and awaiting a final decision on its fate. Our article covers the history of the lines, from their start as two systems (Bydgoszcz and Wyrzysk) through their later connection, as well as the locomotives and rolling stock.

- The oldest steam locomotive on the Upper Silesiannarrow gauge railway
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- The ST44 diesel locomotive - model

The model of the BR120 locomotive produced by the German company Gützold can be bought easily in markets. We show you how to convert this model into the popular Polish ST44 "Gagarin" in a step-by-step process.