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- Regular steam services from Jaworzyna to Kamieniec
- One of the last enclaves of Polish steam:
   Bydgoszcz Central (Główna)

The railway junction in Bydgoszcz was in the 1960's and 70's one of the most visited places, for steam enthusiasts form around the world. The depot housed a large collection of different types of steam engines from around Poland. Because of the nearby locomotive repair works, and the main station, it was possible to see many engines, on passenger, and freight trains, arriving, anddeparting for repair, and on test runs.  

The station and depot and buildings gave the whole place a good atmosphere for railway enthusiasts. See pages 8 to 29 for the article about Bydgoszcz, and it's locomotives.

- Short history of Bydgoszcz Central, depot and the railway works
- Steam Locomotive class Pm2

One of the engines that could be seen in Bydgoszcz on was type Pm2, which was thought to be one of the best express engines in service with PKP (This loco was Type BR03 when in DRB service). The crews called them "Princesses" due to the graceful lines and the smooth running, and performance of these engines. It's a shame only one of this class has been preserved, and it is kept in the Railway Museum in Warsaw. Two pages of drawings of this class and many previously unpublished photos see pages 30 to 37.

- Model locomotive class Pm1, Pm2, and BR03
- Znin narrow gauge line

Nearby to Bydgoszcz is the narrow gauge line running from Znin, which is one of the last working 600 mm lines in Poland. Not long ago it was possible to see the Px38-805, but this engine is no longer in working order. The story of the line and photographs go to Pages 39 to 57.

- Rolling stock of the Znin line
- Report of the railway diorama display in the Warsaw Technical Museum,
   held from July to September 2000
- Diesel Locomotive class ST44, and the model (first part)

After the end of steam traction the ST44 "Gagarin" became one of the most popular types of diesel in service with PKP, and has become a class with a cult following with young enthusiasts. For all fans of this type engine, we will be publishing an article about the loco and how to rebuild the HO model BR120, made by Gützold.