Koleje Małe i Duże 1-2/2017(35)

Koleje Małe i Duże 1-2/2017(35)

Open Letter on the negligence of diesel locomotives ...1
From station to the Poznan Inea stadium ...3
Przewozy Regionalne change their image ...4
News from the narrow gauge ...6
An exotic peninsula (Hel) ...8
Special trains
    • Zagłębie nooks and crannies ...10
    • Lower Silesia nooks and crannies ...13
Memories from the Zittauer Kleinbahn ...16

The first test trains of the Zittauer Kleinbahn were operated on October 22nd,1884 on a 12.11 kilometer section from Zittau to Reichenau (since 1945 Rychwałd, then, after name changing - Bogatynia). Not long after the section was extended to the border station Markersdorf (Markocice, now part of Bogatynia), and then on the Czech side from Hermsdorf (Heřmanice stanice) to Friedland (Frýdlant). In 1920 a branch was opened from the then Reichenau to the coal mine in Türchau (Turoszów). After World War II the railway was divided between Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. Only the shorter part of the railway remained on the German side, but unlike the first two it was to survive long enough to be rebuilt and flourish. The Czech part was dismantled in 1976, while on the Polish side the railway including the Turoszów branch ceased to exist as early as 1964. Roman Garbacik

140 years of railways in Nowy Sącz ...22
Passenger steam locomotive class OKe1 ...26
Passenger steam locomotive class OKd1 ...32
Freight steam locomotive class TKi1 ...38
Freight steam locomotive class TKi2 ...50

After World War I the revived Polish State Railways took over railway systems that used to belong to the three invading countries. The inventory of the newly established Polish State Railways included many classes of Prussian steam locomotives, including OKe1, OKd1, TKi1, TKi2 and TKi3 tank locomotives. They served on the Polish railways for 20 years between the wars, some of them survived World War II and were still in operation in the first years after the war. The TKi3 locomotives were extensively described in issue 1-2/2011 (29) of the Koleje Małe i Duże magazine. The origin, construction and history of the first four of these locomotive classes are presented in this issue. Ryszard Stankiewicz

Salamanca - the first in Europe ...58

In 1812 John Blenkinsop, the director of the Middleton coal mine in England, which delivered coal for a local steel mill, together with Matthew Murray constructed a small steam locomotive with its drive passed to the rail by a cog wheel. The locomotive was named "Salamanca" after the site of the battle with the French. As early as in 1815 engineers Johann Firiedrich Krigare and Eckhardt of the Königliche Eisengießerei in Berlin designed their own steam engine based on the Blenkinsop's design, slightly smaller when compared to the English original. Based on this design the first steam locomotive in continental Europe was built in Berlin in 1816 for Królewska Huta in Silesia (Königshütte in Schlesien). The study presents the origin of this project, the analysis of the locomotive's construction and its operation, as well as a detailed model built on its basis. Jan Kołodziej

A landscape passing into oblivion - Line No. 241: Tuchola - Koronowo ...62
The road-rail bridge in Luboń ...70
Advertisements and club forum ...73
Sound system for PIKO SP45/SU45 model ...78

The extremely successful model of the SP45/SU45 diesel locomotive by PIKO can be equipped with a sound decoder which makes it even more like an original. Unusually this model can be equipped with as many as six different decoders from various manufacturers. We tested the best of them meticulously by checking the functionalities of the decoders as well as the quality and accuracy in which the very distinctive sounds of a real SU45 are imitated. The results are presented in a comparative study with a detailed description of the sounds that are actually generated by a working locomotive. Paweł Czech, Andrzej Wilk

Electronics on a layout:
      automatic polarity of rails on track crossings ...88
Reliable manual drives
                    for control devices on a layout ...92
Upgrading ROCO Playtime coal wagons ...94
Our modeling workshop:
                    Model of a water tower ...98
H0e modules in Istebna ...102

Koleje Małe i Duże 1-2/2017(35)
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